The Quietus Breaker

The first installment is out now on Amazon Kindle!

Check out all of my posts talking about making the book, where you can find it, and where I’ll be sharing future content!

‘The Quietus Breaker: Brother Death’ is now on sale over at Amazon + More!

If you’re looking for a book that can deliver a humorous yet surreal journey through the eyes of a quick-witted young woman who loves raspberry filled graham crackers, then check out ‘The Quietus Breaker: Brother Death.’ The first volume is currently available on Amazon through Kindle/e-book format. Other plans to expand to other services will…

The Deathly First Phase of Crafting ‘Brother Death’

There’s no easy way for me to explain the process for constructing the entire universe of my first book. I had the foolish aspirations of thinking, “Well, the Statue of Liberty was no easy feat to make. So why not go back to basics and make a smaller one, but this time out of blueberry…

Future Update on The Quietus Breaker & More

This will not be a long post, but one that I’m sure will be interesting to readers nonetheless. Since the release of my first book I’ve been working on refining myself as not only an author, but as a self publisher. A lot of work has been put into the first book and I’m hoping…

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