Tonal Travesty Tales: A Dearly Murky Summer (Part III)

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Veronica’s blood boiled with anticipation, the void she felt in her heart was filled in with raw purpose. After speaking to Kell she returned home with an excited smile on her face. Wendy was worried when she saw her barge through that door, but remembered how eager and strange she was at that age too. Classes were normal as usual the day after. The message inbox on her phone was filled with direct orders from Kell, who had put heavy responsibility on Veronica’s shoulders.
There was this unintended strict coaching method behind Kell’s messaging. These messages were overwhelming but punctual in their execution, it was enough for Veronica not to feel burdened with overbearing responsibility. Code words were used to describe the OU football team and their correlation to the Foxes. The offensive linemen were regarded as Fence Rippers, running backs were Grass Passengers, and the quarterback was the Foul Taker…to name a few examples. No word of mouth or information was known as to where these players disbanded once practice was over.
The hurdle unfortunately for Veronica was Henry, who is trying to get into the team. Veronica knew that Henry would be a jar of awkward tension if unsealed, especially for someone aiming to be the next big quarterback for the team.
The only place Veronica could see herself being concealed from the team was behind the rickety, mildly rusted, and stench covered bleachers. She couldn’t fit underneath the front seats so she had to carefully peak her head behind the steel constructs to see what the players were doing. She also had to be wary of security if she was stationary for too long. Knowing what she signed up for, also accepting that she was not that sneaky, Veronica took out her phone to write notes.
During her frantic typing she was then approached by someone, it was Evan. Veronica gave a slight yelp as she turns around to confront Evan; a manatee with a ‘Big Seaweed Gulp’ in one flipper and a laptop in the other. Veronica angrily whispers, “Evan, what are you doing here? How did you see me?”

Evan with his expanded manatee lungs says, “Anyone can see you a mile away, and I know how much you hate these bleachers since they’re covered with soda stains and hot dog grease. So what are ‘you’ doing here?” Elevating his vocals as he said, “You.”

Veronica gave a pitiful look at Evan, “Well this sucks, I can’t back out of this lie filled corner now.”

“Please tell me what’s going on.”

“I will, but let’s talk about this somewhere more privately.” Both agree to go to the library as they find the most discreet location to talk. This location was in a corner of the library near the history section, which usually had no one there.
Veronica sits close to Evan as his big moist body plops down in a chair with his tail flipper sticking out. She then regaled Evan on everything that had happened yesterday. She went over who Kell was, his hideout, and this ‘afterschool cold war special’ with the Foxes. If there was anyone Veronica knew she could trust with this information, it was Evan.

Evan covers his mouth with both of his flippers and assertively whispers, “This is insane Veronica, you’re working for a crazy cult leader!”

“But hear me out, he’s not some delusional man who sits in a tent all day and does nothing. He is lost, he has no hope or understanding of what it means to live in a world outside his tent. Maybe there’s a chance that uncovering what the Foxes are planning could bring hope to his life!”

Evan chews the seaweed from his tall plastic drink as he says, “I don’t believe that this man has honest intentions. However the last kind of person I want to be is a terrible friend. If you need my help, I’m in.”

A wide smile grew on Veronica’s face as a comforting warmth uplifted her mood. “Really? You would do that for me Evan?”

“You unfortunately have me as a best friend, which is both a blessing and a curse.” Evan extends his flipper out to Veronica as a kind gesture.

Veronica then grabs his flipper and says, “You’re wrong, because you are the best blessing I could ask for.” She shakes his flipper, motivated by Evan’s kind words.

“I would love more than anything to make Cassie feel jealous about this moment. But seriously, I think she should be left out of this group discussion.”

“She gossip’s like crazy, and if there’s one thing she can’t do it’s stopping herself from knowing about a saucy story.”

“I don’t know if I would describe a feud between cultists as saucy. However Cassie would find a way to make it sound ‘saucy.'”

“We also cannot tell Henry.”

“Yeah, I mean he’s an honest guy, but he also cannot keep a secret either.”

“No, I mean we absolutely cannot tell him!”

The sternness in Veronica’s voice causes Evan to raise his curiosity. “Do you seriously believe he may be involved with this Fox cult?”

“Evan, thinking about this is making me feel really nervous. I don’t know what I would do if he was with the Foxes.”

“There’s only one way to find out, come with me.” Evan thrusts himself out of his seat with his drink and rolls on to the carpet.

Surprised, Veronica raises her hands in disbelief as she says, “We just got here though!”

“Trust me, you’re going to want to see this.”

“I don’t know what ‘this’ is referring to, but okay,” she says as she childishly gets out of her seat. Evan escorts Veronica over to a computer lab in a separate building on the farthest side of the campus. They made their way toward the facility with haste. Evan was quite swift despite being a manatee wearing a shirt, tie, and glasses. Veronica was almost out of breath but was captivated by Evan’s speedy ground flopping.
They finally made it to the computer lab and were able to enter inside without trouble. The room had no staff supervision, which made Veronica question how Evan could just waltz in. “Are you sure it’s okay to be in here?” She says while turning on the lights.

Evan briefly ignores Veronica’s question. He sits his big Manatee-self down at the first seat in the last row of computer desks. Veronica, being mildly worried, stares at Evan to get an answer out of him. Noticing the intense stare, he says, “Sorry, I was busy trying to remember my ‘favorite’ computer.” He says while winking at Veronica.

“I’m lost, what are you doing?”

Evan whispers, “I’m hacking the surveillance cameras around the campus.” His flippers clack against the keyboard as he begins hacking. To Veronica all she could see was a lot of loud flapping and numbers brightly appearing on the monitor. Suffice to say, Veronica was greatly confused about what was happening.

Veronica aggressively whispers back, “Of all the places to do it, why here? And shouldn’t there be someone watching this room?”

“The instructor for this class gave me permission to use it whenever I want. It was his way of saying ‘thanks’ for helping his son out of a cryptocurrency scheme. Trust me when I say you do not want to know the details.”

“Okay, but that doesn’t mean you can just ‘hack it up’ in here!”

“You stole that one from Cassie, didn’t you?”

“No, but I wish she was here so she would slap you out of doing this.” After feeling uneasy, Veronica takes a deep breath. “But thank you anyway.”

“I accept your thanks, but sometimes you got to do the dirty work to get results.”

“Spoken like the shadiest nerd I ever knew.” Within a minute, Evan was able to access the campus cameras and display their feeds through multiple pop-in windows.
He minimized all four windows to fit the screen and to see what was happening. The feed in the top left showed two professors, one having a thick grey beard and the other wearing red suspenders, fondly talking to each other in a hallway. In the feed at the top right was a woman with long amber-colored hair renting a book about Ancient Egypt from the library. The bottom left feed was a scraggly man with a yellow beanie sitting on a bench with his Chocolate Labrador in front of the campus. It was worth noting that the Labrador was so cute that Veronica couldn’t take her eyes off the dog for 18 seconds.
Lastly was a camera feed of the football team leaving the locker room, surprisingly seeming somber for a bunch of stereotypical jocks. Veronica points at the bottom right video feed and asks, “There! Can you see where they’re going?” “Do I look like an amateur at this?” Evan then changes the other video feeds to follow the players. Coincidentally revealing that this hall had an usual amount of security cameras. It did not take long for them to rejoin at a poorly disguised hideout, which was just a classroom with a door painted black. This classroom was used for art courses, specifically for water brush and oil painting.

Evan and Veronica look at each other with giddiness, “Looks like we found their hideout!” As the door to the classroom opens, a hooded figure appears as he pushes the handle. This hooded cloak had fox shaped insignias sewn on to the dark orange fabric. Although it was initially difficult to decipher who was underneath the hood, the two of them were able to piece the clues together as to who it was. Beneath the top of the hood were long slivers of blonde hair and a sturdy jawline.
Recognizing all of these physical traits, Veronica says in turmoil, “Henry.”

Evan jams his manatee nose into the screen as he says, “No way, he’s actually working with the Foxes!”

End of Part III

Short Story: Path of the Recycled One (Part II)

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My plastic feet had trouble maintaining balance in the Forest of Labor. The contrast of experiencing the ground’s texture was either smooth soil or kicking against dirt clots. A wide veil of mist made the trek a very tricky one, knowing the right path could dictate a short or long journey. These vague-coded deities and their annoying signs, I blame the water givers just as much as the deity the sunflowers worship for such a blighted day. My delusional mind had believed there was a devious plot against me to have the most aggravating expedition in recent memory.
Luckily I was led to the right path which was a red road with hard and minuscule bumps. Taking this path meant scabs on my feet, but I could at least tell where I was going due to the welcoming red hue in this thick mist. Shortly I witnessed a band of strange beings huddling against an encased torch-light. The torch itself had thick brown wrapping, a shell that prevented its flames from lashing out.
Near the torch was a tall pink-faced orb with a red pointy hat, a four-pronged metal object attached to a carved stick, and a flat-faced iron plate. I calmly approach them and ask, “Greetings, I’m new to the Forest of Labor and need information. I heard some problems needed to be sorted out.” The three of them gave me a blank stare, so I quickly introduce myself, “Funny how I forgot, my name is Tap. I was sent by Frogyo to, let’s say, bury some issues into the deepest holes possible in hopes they do not sprout again.”

The pink-faced orb spoke as dirt fluttered from its ceramic whiskers, “We have received aid? My name is Mogen.” Slowly, Mogen points at the four-pronged metal figure, “this is Sifter,” then at the flat-faced iron plate, “and that is Fossils.”

I say to this band of awkward strangers, “I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you all, but it seems the feeling might not be mutual for specific reasons. Perhaps I’m reading too deeply into your…faces?”

Sifter utters in a mildly aggressive tone, “My friend, you have no idea…”

Mogen moves his massive pink face in front of my view as he says with a curious tone, “You mentioned Frogyo, correct?”

I hesitated for a second to reply, “Yes, do you know Frogyo?”

“Yes, Frogyo used to work with us in the forest. A guardian to keep the pest away from the laborers.”

“You mean the winged beads?”

“Winged…beads? I’m referring to flies.”

I was annoyed, “Ah, the name given by the titans.”

Fossils peaks its flat-face at me and says, “Do you abide by common terminology? You must have been around for quite a while to understand that Titan terminology is the superior terminology.”

I attempted to wave off the nonsense but frustratingly retort with, “A language used by those that refute our presence is a language I’m fine with abandoning. Anyway, why did Frogyo leave?”

Sifter answers, “Frogyo bailed on us after the revolt for selfish reasons.”

Displeased, Mogen says to Sifter, “After I offered a choice.”

Fossils adds on to Mogen’s comment, “Statistically speaking, we knew we weren’t going to stand a chance winning during the revolt. Frogyo was smart and left before trouble happened.”

The confusion was culminating inside my head, so I ask, “There is something crucially important that I’m missing with this story.”

Mogen humbly faces the forest and mentions, “The laborers of the forest were fed up one day with being overworked. Eventually, the laborers conspired with the watchers and our guardian to push against our superiors.”

“Superiors? Is this a group of high intellectual beings doing this or a god pretending to be something it isn’t?”

Fossils moved closer to me as it says, “We do not know. All we can assess is that our orders were given to us by an entity speaking through the trees. We never questioned the entity since we didn’t know what it was.”

“So none of you pursued this entity to find out what it actually was?”

Sifter kicks the dirt as it says, “Have you ever felt something ingrained into your thoughts? Every decision made under harsh supervision? Great punishment that awaited those who questioned something they could not see? One thing I do not regret is pursuing that entity to know why it thinks the way it does.”

Fossils then adds on, “So our superiors, or superior, reconfigured the laborer’s priorities. Instead of functioning as souls with tools, they now function primarily as tools with no souls to keep this forest in perfect balance. Just like the water givers, no rationale, and no intellect.”

Sifter exclaims, “Our brethren were turned to husks with no will of their own. That is all you need to know, stranger.”

Fossils questioned Sifter’s outlook on the matter, “Do you believe that whatever this entity is could punish the laborers that severely? What reason would there be, logic has to be taken into account!”

Taking a deep breath, Mogen explains, “Whatever the reason may be, we have been offered help from Tap.”

I crossed my arms as I state, “To be clear, Frogyo sent me to do this and I offered to help.”

“Yet despite being asked, you are still going to venture into the heart of the forest? That is quite a feat, and it tells me that Frogyo still cares about us.”

Sifter raises its right prong and says, “Or to have this stranger do the dirty work and remove the god from its throne. Leaving Frogyo to claim the forest while the seat is empty.”

Fossils thought differently, “But what would Frogyo gain from controlling the forest? Not to mention are you insinuating that Tap could exterminate this entity?”

I wave my hands up as I say, “I mean if the mailer has come to deliver letters and kill a god then so be it. The only thing I ask is that I get compensated.”

Mogen asks, “Compensated with what exactly?”

“Have any of you heard of the promised land?”

Fossils and Sifter shook their head, but Mogen says, “Only through mentions by passing travelers. If you help us free the laborers and rid this forest of whatever overbearing presence lingers here, I can assist you.”

“Sparks of hope just fluttered down my adorable face,” I say with a monotone voice.

Mogen nods as he slowly hobbles to the torch, “If you go west from here you will find the laborers working around a tree with green orbs on its branches. Find a way to free them and escort them out of the forest.”

“I would assume they would know their way around but so be it, I will hold their hands. How exactly do I free them?”

Fossils explains, “Our best guess would be to move them away from the tree.”

“That cannot be your answer, is that your best guess? Are you not the smart one of this group?”

“We have no information that tells us how this happened or what the entity’s tricks are. All we know is that the laborers are latching on to this tree, like its insides are filled with sucrose.”

Sifter speaks up, “The dirt might have something to do with it.”

Fossils shook its head, “How? There is nothing special about the dirt aside from supplying nutrients for the roots of these trees.”

“It’s just a hunch, calm down.”

I ask, “But a hunch you feel is worth bringing up?”

Sifter wanders around the torch as it explains, “When I was running away after the revolt, the dirt felt like it was trying to grab me with tiny claws. Each one slowly latching on to me like as if it…no, this is nonsense!”

“It was as if the forest was reaching out to you, wanting you back.”

Mogen spoke, “This forest may have had a solid disguise, but now it’s exposed for what it really is. A prison powered by those who were meant to be hollow to begin with. Please Tap, free our brethren.”

I ask, “What happens if I get caught?”

“We don’t know, you will probably force your body over to the entity as it uses your vessel to finish the tree.”

“At least I’d be free from this plastic carapace.”

Sifter says, “But at the expense of losing free will? Yeah, tell that to my family who had it taken away from them. Fun times.”

“Admittedly you all are a sad bunch, so I need as much positivity as I can get. Even if it means giving up.”

Mogen was saddened, “How disturbing.”

“Quite, I’m leaving to solve this issue.” I headed west from the torch-light. The soil was still as uncomfortable as before and the leaves were covered with water drops. Most likely due to condensation from the mist. Aside from drops of water trickling down and leaves brushing against metal encasements, there was this dreadful white noise.
It was a white noise that grew louder the further I traveled into the forest.
The peak of the white noise was when I finally discovered the laborers, sifting near the base of a tall thinly tree with green orbs dangling from above. They looked like Sifter, similar four-pronged metalheads but with different colored bodies — some ranging from yellow to red. Across from the laborers were the watchers that Mogen mentioned. Funny how much the watchers resembled Mogen except for the blue hue of their hats and their smaller size. What I found eerie was their stillness, no physical movement, except for when their bodies slowly rotate when I approach them.
I couldn’t see their feet, neither read their facial structures, and I could feel their ceramic eyes staring at me. My presence was known to them, but I was silent as the laborers mindlessly work around the soil — creating more moisture for the tree. The sound of water drops and bristling leaves was overtaken by the white noise.
My mind was becoming numb, the watchers moved closer.
Whatever sanity I had left was drained, the watchers moved closer.
My limbs and legs felt disembodied, the watchers moved closer.
I woke up and found my plastic body being used as storage, as a water giver was transferring its liquids to me. Each limb was inactive, I was paralyzed and my mind was spiraling away. Was this always going to be my life’s purpose? Or did I never have a choice for anything grander to begin with?

End of Part II

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Tonal Travesty Tales: A Dearly Murky Summer (Part II)

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“You dropped your spearmint gum,” the mysterious boy says sounding exactly like Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Veronica’s eyes fluttered, “Oh, uh, thanks?”

“You’re welcome, bye.” His soul-piercing eyes move away as well as his high-pitched and unusually eccentric voice.

Suddenly Veronica’s Uber arrived, blinding the appearance of the mysterious boy. The driver rolls down the passenger seat window as he says, “What are you looking at, ghosts?”

Veronica points at the direction that the mysterious man was walking, “Did you not…see that man?”

“What man? All I see is a confused young woman, hurry up and get in. I don’t like flies and mosquitoes swarming in here like I’m holding a buffet of rotten garbage and blood packets.”

There was a lot on Veronica’s mind, and there was more to that man’s gaze than she initially thought. She asked the driver, “I have a question.”

“I hope it’s not a broad one kid. I may be full of wisdom but I ain’t full of answers.”

“Um, have you ever seen a boy wearing a biker jacket with a silver wolf medal on his belt?”

“You’re not talking about Kell, right? The one with the soul of the devil and the voice of an angel?”

“You do know him?”

“Only heard stories about the boy, he seems to always linger around specific parts of town at night. He is quite the enigma I’ll tell you that for free.”

“Does he usually hang out around here?”

“Usually I see him hanging around at the abandoned ‘Mouthin’ Donuts.’ Emerging from the building’s shadow, where the workers used to have their smoke breaks.”

“You make it sound like he’s homeless.”

“A man like that makes his home wherever he sees fit.” The driver then transitions to asking Veronica, “Why are you so fascinated with him?”

 “I just think he’s…interesting.” The driver dropped off Veronica in front of her house. The white wooden picket fence and the pink flamingo are still so vibrant even at night. There was something to the appearance of Veronica’s home that felt cozy despite the outdated aesthetic. This was all due to the tremendous house makeover by her mom and pop, Wendy and Chris Idelson. She walks inside and opens the door to see her mom doing crossword puzzles in the kitchen.
Veronica closes the door and utters with mild exhaustion, “I’m home.”

Wendy raises her glasses as she puts her pencil near the newspaper and says, “You’re back this early?”

“Mom, I never stay out late.”

“Oh I know, just teasin’ ya. Hey you want to finish this crossword for me?”

Chris comes out with a finished dinner plate from the living room and says, “If you don’t help her, she’s going to torture me until I give her the answer.”

Veronica jokingly rolls her eyes at her dad as she then says, “Which makes her turn to me when you don’t have the answer anyway.”

Chris gives his daughter a kiss on the forehead as he says, “Exactly.” 

Veronica’s mom raises her right hand and asks, “Can I get an answer?”

Veronica points at the newspaper, “The word is ‘unknowable’, it’s the only 9-letter word that makes sense to fill in there.”

“Well, would you look at that. You’re right!”

“I was right almost 7 hours ago when you asked me the same thing. Plus that newspaper was from last Thursday.”

“I nailed this week’s crosswords, they were too simple for me.”

Phil puts his hands on his hips and asks, “Well if that’s the case then why did this one stump you?”

“I was sidetracked by doing house chores. By the way honey, the desk lamp in the family room needs its lightbulb changed and the bathroom sink is clogged.”

“Those sound like easy fixes to me, I’ll have a look at them first thing tomorrow.” Phil yawns as he leaves the kitchen, but beforehand says to Veronica with a big smile, “Have a good night, Veronica.” Then gracefully side hugs Wendy, “You too, don’t go too hard.”

“Good night, honey.” Wendy turns to Veronica as Phil leaves the kitchen, and says in a cheeky manner, “You know these crosswords ain’t going to fill themselves in.”

“Whatever ‘crossword master.'”

Veronica’s mom laughs as she then asks, “So how was the hangout at the diner?”

“It was fun, Henry paid for all of our meals.”

“Oh that Henry is such a sweetheart, when are you going to ask him out?”

“I…you know there’s papers I need to finish and the homework is piling up.”

“Being a liar and giving excuses are not your best skills Veronica.”

“Look I just haven’t put much thought into it.”

“Alright you excuse-maker, off to bed then!”

 “Night mom!” Veronica felt uneasy while trying to sleep later on, thinking about the mysterious boy and his wolf medal. The darkness swarmed through her mind in an embracing way, increasing her curiosity. During the middle of the night she clutched her pillow tight as she dreamt of meeting him again.
The next morning was quite cheery despite this dark mystery that loomed over Veronica’s head. Wendy was cooking breakfast, making a scrumptious stack of pancakes for Chris.

Veronica slumped her way into the kitchen table as the pans were sizzling. This caught Wendy’s attention as she asks while dusting off the cooking apron she was wearing, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“Just had a rough night sleeping.”

“Well, why is that?”

“Bad dream, also had questions that wouldn’t stop lingering in my head. It was so annoying.”

“Whenever I had questions I always immediately pursued the answers to them. It’s why your father bought me this modern oven instead of a regular stove oven.”

“Why were you thinking about getting a stove oven? Where would you even put it?”

“No clue, but I liked the idea of it — see! Now you have an answer! All you have to do is reach out there, find it, and take it!”

 The words of wisdom by her mother made sense to Veronica, but in ways she didn’t expect. Classes went by smoothly throughout the rest of the day, although Veronica was nodding off at points. She couldn’t stop tapping her pen, distracting some of the students. The patience of Veronica was wearing thin, although she burned time through all her classes by focusing on asking questions.
Some of which she already knew the answers to, ironic given the one question she needed answered was outside the campus. Once her last class was dismissed she darted through the door and out into the front campus lawn. Coincidentally, Henry was nonchalantly reading a brochure on a class for Hindu literature. His eyes glanced at the sound of feet kicking against grass and saw Veronica running toward the bus stop. Confused amassed in Henry’s eyes, but he disregarded the weird behavior and says, “Classic beach ball, always chasing those clouds.”

The trip between the university and the abandoned ‘Mouthin’ Donuts’ shop was mentally draining. However in less than 8 minutes she arrived at her destination, with the bus driver asking, “Are you sure this is where you want to stop at? This place is pretty sketchy.”

Veronica waves off the warning, “It’s fine, my friend’s meet up across the street anyway.”

“At the massage parlor? Really”

Veronica scratched the back of her head as she nervously says, “A good back means good…vibes?” The bus driver rolled his eyes as he closed the door and drove away from the abandoned donut establishment. This building had been vacant for years and the marks of time had shown. The top of the building had this giant donut prop with 6 round teeth and large oval shaped eyes. Brown paint was fading as the windows with stickers of sprinkled donuts were moderately peeled off.
Past the dirty windows was an empty cafe with no chairs and a marble counter that hadn’t been touched in ages. There was nothing left of the mediocre Mouthin’ Donuts building, except a secret that hid behind its shadow. Veronica analyzed the worn-out shop to figure out where the mysterious man’s hideout could be. She peeked around the building side, looked through the windows, and briefly examined the parking lot for reasons even she couldn’t figure out. Perhaps the desperation of seeking the man’s hideout had driven her mad, and what happened next didn’t help her sanity.
She tilted her eyes to the left side of the building and noticed a bum leaning against the wall, in the shadows. This man blended in perfectly with the environment as he remained motionless. Veronica had to make sure this was a real person so she approached carefully. He had a scruffy beard with a yellow beanie, a ragged blue coat, and fingerless gloves. She saw his chest moving and realized that this bum was definitely real. She asks the bum, “Excuse me, but is there a hideout back…here?”

His eyes open, revealing the bluest iris in his left eye she had ever seen. As the bum awakens he says, “Lady, why are you sticking your nose in this place?”

She couldn’t muster a solid reason except say, “This is going to sound weird, but I-I need to see someone.”

“Do you now?” Upon further inspection by Veronica it appeared that the bum’s left eye was fake.

Her hands clasp together as she says, “Please, I need to see him.”

The bum scratched his gray fuzzy chin, “Alright, but I’m warning you…any funny business and I will cast you out of the den.”

“I’m sorry, did you just say the den?”

“You heard me, now move forward so I don’t lose sight of you.” The two marched across the roughened parking lot. Eventually walking toward what appeared to be a pair of trees with thick leafy branches.

Veronica slowly turns to the bum and asks, “You seem quick to trust me.”

The bum spits on the ground and replies with, “Part of me doesn’t, could be that there’s something special about you.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The one you seek is my protector. He has always been swarmed by those who have had the sharpest of edges, you seem as sharp as a butter knife so maybe…”

“What, also are you saying I’m dumb?”

“Forget it, just keep moving.” The leaf piles were as big as a shed and hid the secret entrance well enough from their perspective. Veronica immediately stops in front of the leaf pile and becomes mildly nauseous. “Well, aren’t you going to enter?” The bum asks with his arms crossed.

“Move through these leaves? Ew, why would I do that? There could be rats or diseases inside those piles of leaves!”

 “Eh, coward.” The bum proceeds to bulldoze through the leaves by elbowing his way in. Veronica throws her hands up and follows by repeating what the bum did. In short time they arrived, the hideout of the mysterious man. A dusty patched up tent raised by stacks of worn out motorcycle tires.
Outside the tent were long wooden torches being kept lit by the sun rays emitting off dismantled rear-view mirrors. Raising its head through a hole in the tent was an old bronze wolf statue, a silent guardian. Veronica was intimidated by the sight of the wolf head and dismantled motorcycle parts, until the bum gave her a slight nudge. She then took her first brave step to the front flannels of the tent and carefully moved inside. Bravely pushing through, Veronica witnessed the mysterious man sitting on a throne made of bicycle parts and chains.

The sense of isolation that drenched over the man was potent. A lonesome king reigning over a kingdom meant strictly for himself. Veronica’s shoes crinkled in the dirt, causing the man to pierce his eyes at her. With the voice of a plumber who had just gotten hit by a Koopa shell, he utters, “Bernard, why did you bring her to den?”

Bernard was busy removing the leaves off his beanie as he says, “She asked to meet you, so I brought her.”

“What if she was one of them?”

“She’s not a ‘fox’ Kell, accept the fact that I brought you company.”

“I don’t need company…I am Kell.” Says the man who sounded like he had smashed ten coin-blocks.

Bernard pleas to Veronica with subtle desperation in his voice, “Please talk some sense into this broken man, any shred of social interaction will do him some good.”

Bernard departs from the tent, leaving a nervous Veronica and a perturbed Kell. Standing up from his throne, Kell asks, “Why do I recognize you?”

“Uh, you gave me my gum back.”

“Oh, that’s right — spearmint. I hate spearmint.”

“Why is it that every time you talk you always seem so dour?”

Kell randomly kicks a small statue of a wolf next to him, tipping over and breaking. The pitch of his voice gets higher the angrier he gets, “Because I’m cursed, forever pushed away by a higher society. All I have, my honor and my code, will be gone.”

“Those are some heavy thoughts, but I doubt there are people out there who are looking to strip everything away from you. You just need to, well, talk with them.”

“I just met you, but I can tell you didn’t suffer as hard as I did throughout my life.”

“What if you didn’t have to think like this?” Kell turned to look at her with disbelief and growing trust. “Maybe I can do something to…”

Kell exclaims with his off-putting accent, “To what?”

“To help you feel like your existence means something.” The conversation halted as the two looked at each other with differing expressions. Veronica was still nervous yet hopeful as she maintained her composure to the best of her abilities. Kell’s poise was cracking underneath due to her stark empathy and support.

Brushing his hair strands back, Kell states, “Fine.”

Victoria sighs as she asks, “So, where do we start?”

Kell gives a blank look at Veronica, “We start by converting the football team to our cause.”

“What cause?”

“The cause of the wolf.”

End of Part II

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Short Story: Path of the Recycled One (Part I)

(This short story began as an idea I had for Tonal Travesty Tales, but was scrapped because of how strange the concept was. I had fun writing this so far and decided to make it a series. The concept came out of left field and I could assume when reading this someone would say, “Uh, what?” However regardless of how you feel please leave feedback either as a comment or on my Twitter profile. This is definitely a short story I’m writing mainly for experimental purposes, hope you enjoy!)

A cool sensation runs down my plastic spine, the last drop of water. I have witnessed this part of the backyard before. The sunflowers eclipsing their god before them, basking in their givers light. As for me, I look to get away from their overbearing god. Maybe it is because we have opposing views, or maybe it is because I am adorably bashful. The name is Tap, I am an empty plastic holder looking for salvation.                                                               

That salvation being the blue bin that takes other plastic individuals to the promised land. I wish to be there, but I cannot because I am tethered to this dormancy. As my time being a plastic holder sitting on a window ledge I was forgotten by my owner. To him it felt like seconds since he was through with me. For me, it felt like an eternity being stuck on a ledge bound by both the light and darkness. But there was a third element I had not considered, the wind from a twisting turbine had knocked me into the backyard.

What a coincidence that turned out to be, or was it? I was knocked unconscious, but my body kept rolling around for what felt like an eternity in a perfect circle. That is because I was…rotating my body around in a perfect circle, it was quite impressive I have to say. I woke up with my body covered in soil and various blades of grass. Then I met a stranger in the shape of a green blob with bulging eyes, a long tongue, and ceramic skin. This blob said to me, “You look like a daunting fellow, seeming lost and withered.”

My face was not on my plastic skin, it was instead labeled on a layer of artificial rind that wrapped around my body. It was small, droplet shaped, white, and was permanently stuck between alien signs. I looked up at the green blob and said with my deep voice, “To say I was lost would imply I had plans on my travels to begin with.”

The green blob had a laugh, “You are amusing, the name is Frogyo.” I removed my cap, dusted it off, and tell Frogyo my name. “Greetings Tap, welcome to the Forest of Labor.”

I looked around the tall trees and unlit structures as he says, “The Forest of Labor? So who puts in the labor, is it the trees who just sit there waiting to be blown by the wind?”

“Fascinating you say this considering I saw your roly-poly shape spinning in a circle due to the wind itself.”

“Well, salutations, I guess these trees and I have something in common. Now allow myself to perform some ‘labor’ as I briskly walk away from this dull conversation.”

“That is not labor.”

“It’s no more labor than what these leaf-misers are already doing by standing and doing nothing.”

“Maybe it would be wise to cleanse yourself first?”

I stop and immediately turns back around to Frogyo, “You know where I can clean myself?”

“It’s not the most efficient solution, but there is a wall-hung gear that leaks fluids.”

“The gears that control the water givers? Why not use those instead of relying on puny drops of fluids to clean myself?”

Frogyo daintily laughs, “You know that the water giver does nothing but give, give, and give without any direct orders from the gear? Unless you have the reach of a titan to control the gear, I suggest using the gear’s foible to clean yourself.” I perform a mild groan as I walk away, Frogyo then loudly asks, “Do you need directions dear? I hope you did not just lie to me about being lost.”

“I know the way and do not care enough about you to lie to your face.”

I walk away on the stone platforms leading away from the Forest of Labor, Frogyo whispers to herself, “Oh you will care about what I say soon enough Mr. Tap.” Thanks to a trail of liquid left by the water giver, I managed to easily find the leaking gear. The dampness of the area brought its own sense of psychological pressure. Mud was smeared across the wall and clots of dirt were slowly hanging from the tip of the water giver. Green smears were left on the white ground, as leaf blades trapped underneath the white ground were bending in unusual directions.

A distressing noise filled the sky, as if air were being sucked through a wide tube. I began to water myself down but was careful not to get any liquids inside my plastic carapace. So I tilted forward, shifted away from the drops of liquid, and moved behind while tilting backward. The process took less than four minutes, I had never felt more relieved yet exhausted at the same time. As I drew myself away and dried myself off in the breeze, I started to have a flashback. The coldness of the breeze reminded me of my former place.

Didn’t have the luxuries of a home, and it didn’t have the societal pitfalls of a prison. It was an icy cubicle where I was staying with an array of strange beings or objects. A tall rectangular monument that bled white blood, a green ball that could uncurl itself, and a clear holding-cell that housed tiny red spheres with green patches. All these things were becoming vivid, the blots from my memory were slowly fading. Until the wall in front of me opened as a bright light blinded me and a loud thump mildly shook the ground.

I was back in my present mind, walking back to that annoyingly complex Frogyo. It looked at me with its round cement eyes and asked, “Feel refreshed my plastic friend?”

I was bothered, “Friend? We only just met.”

“My apologies for acting hospitable, I assumed that maybe being less cryptic and more, eh, welcoming would be a nice change.”

I sighed and then said, “Thanks.”

“Appreciated, what are your next plans Mr. Tap?”

There were no plans set in stone, just confusion and a need for change. Being stationary was not bad, but it also was restricting in terms of learning about the world around me. Then I thought of the promised land, but I couldn’t trust Frogyo enough to mention it. I gave a vague answer in hopes of maybe finding the promised land, “Explore.”

This made Frogyo giddy, even I could tell. “If that is your goal then may I suggest a nice starting point?”


Frogyo pointed to the center of the Forest of Labor, “Not only are there fascinating sights to behold, but I heard that the laborers are looking for help.”

“Doesn’t seem like a pleasant place to be looking around in.”

“I never said it was a ‘pleasant’ place, but perhaps a plastic being such as yourself could provide wonderous assistance to the Laborers. But be warned, if you do not put up a fight in the forest then the forest will win.”

“What? Am I going to be beaten by its inhabitants if I say or do one wrong thing?”

“Who said anything about physical endangerment? The forest has its own ‘tricks’ it likes to play on wanderers and has taken a toll on some of the Laborers. If you can find the source of this issue then would that not help us both out?”

“I’m not running errands for you.”

Frogyo had both its hands out, “I never said you had to.” I hesitated at first, but the allure of this forest’s problems had me intrigued.

“Guess I’ll casually throw myself into danger.”

End of Part I

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Tonal Travesty Tales: A Dearly Murky Summer (Part I)

(Hello, welcome to a new series in which I write simple short stories, but there’s a twist! I start the story with a beginning, middle, and end as usual. Except with the continuation of each short story something must change drastically. For example, I could write a story about a business manager running a peanut butter factory. For the first part of the story nothing changes since it is the introduction.
However, for the next part of the story I must make one of several noticeable changes. Those changes could involve adjusting the genre, characters, backgrounds, or maybe how a character pronounces certain words. The possibilities are endless so long as they garishly clash with the tone of the story. Hope you enjoy, or at least find this idea interesting enough to keep reading!

It was summer at Olive University, a time of rejoice for the youth. The beaches were open and featured a brimming variety of hot summer bods. Parties were thrown in the mountain top just north of the university, but only the famous and rich were invited. Enter Veronica Idelson, a freshman turned sophomore in college who aced her interview with the campus administrator to get into OU A girl with a smart head on her shoulders and the free spirit she maintained since living in a small town all her life.
Veronica knew three of her childhood friends at OU These three friends were Cassie, Henry, and Evan. Cassie was Veronica’s fashionista friend who always had her back. Henry was the quarterback for his high school team who is now hoping for lightning to strike twice as he gets into the OU football team. Then there’s Evan, the dork of the group who is really into computers and helps Veronica out with her homework.
These friends were inseparable and they all managed to get into OU together. During the first day of summer the gang went out to go celebrate at Henry’s favorite spot, a diner called ‘Terry’s BBQ Eat-Out!’ Everyone was having fun, jesting at each other. Cassie was pointing out how Evan’s tie looked tacky, and Henry reminiscing about some of the best plays he had in high school. Then there was Veronica, gazing through the window and daydreaming. Henry smacked the football in front of her face to get her attention, “Hey, is Veronica in there?”

Veronica tossed her fry at Henry as she says, “Yes and she sees a jackass trying to get her attention.”

“Don’t blame me for trying to get your attention when you’ve been saying nothing for the past five minutes.” Henry had the brain of a goofball, yet maintained a premium body forged by the Greek god Hephaestus himself. He wore his stainless varsity jacket proudly but underneath that jacket he had the same fashion sense as any farmer boy. White short-sleeved shirt, with dusty jeans, and with muddied boots. The most distinct feature about Henry had to be his long flowing blonde hair which never seemed to stop glistening.

Cassie devolved her attention from Evan as she then said to Veronica, “You have been acting really weird, Veronica. Was it the nail polisher I gave you? I know the chemicals are super strong, but you totally can withstand the after-effects.”
There was never a day where Cassie wore something boring. Whether it be using vibrantly colored nail gloss or wearing dolphin shaped earrings, Cassie refused to be anything but ‘loud’ about her fashion choices. During the week she would always tie her hair in a single bun-knot. However during the weekend she would let hair down with thoroughly flattened curls.

Evan raised his glasses as he tried to comfort Veronica, “Did your computer need some rebuilding? I have the tools needed to soup up your PC, and the specs look delicious.” For a rigidly smart person like Evan he also was quite unorganized with how he presented himself. Wearing mismatched shoes and unproperly fixed ties, as well as wearing his shirt backwards. He even had his previous two glasses broken and made a new pair by using duct-tape and Gorilla Glue to combine two separate lenses together.

“Quit stealing my personality, Evan. You know I’m infinitely more charming than you, maybe stick to being a cube made of dork.”

“Is that your best comeback? I can think of a million more comebacks better than a ‘cube made of dork.’”

Slightly frustrated, Veronica turned to everyone as she said, “That’s enough, I’m just having…inner problems.”

Henry asked, “What’s wrong, beachball?” That was Henry’s cute nickname for Veronica whenever she seemed pouty.

“I don’t know, somehow I’ve just been feeling less unfulfilled with my life. Like I’ve been missing out on something important, do you get that feeling?”

Evan said with an agreeing nod, “You’re right, I did miss out on something. It was Cassie downing that entire plate of hot wings by herself.”

Cassie scoffed at Evan as she retorted with, “You know I was going through a serious dieting phase.”

“What diet involves eating off the entire entrée menu at a Buffalo Wild Wings?”

“Well I guess when I’m super frustrated and can’t pig out, I’ll take that frustration out on you.” She viciously slaps Evan across his noggin as he recoils in pain.

Henry elevates his voice as he demands everyone’s attention. “Hey, this is Veronica we’re talking about here. She’s done so much for all of us. Like what about that one time she looked after your pet gerbil, Evan?” Evan nods his head as Henry pivots the discussion to Cassie.
“And Cassie, you brag about how much you were there for Veronica her entire life. What about when she spent a whole month modeling outfits you designed for that local fashion show?”

Cassie looked down at her half-full plate of food, takes a deep breath, and looks over at Veronica. “Henry is totally right, Veronica deserves our utmost attention.” She turns to Veronica, “So what is it that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled about your life, girl?”

Evan says, “You practically have everything you wanted, what more could you even want?”

Henry chimes in with, “An escape from being ordinary.”

Veronica focuses her eyes on Henry’s dreamy waxed eyebrows as she says, “Yes.”

The night from there was livelier thanks to Veronica’s friends listening to what was on her mind. When the restaurant closed for the night everyone went home. Cassie was picked up by her mom, Evan took off on his electric scooter, and Henry rode on a bike coated with faded blue paint. Veronica however used her phone to contact an Uber, sitting on a bench near the sidewalk as she waited. The night grew darker as she continued sitting there, her nervousness kicked in.
Suddenly in the corner of her right eye she sees someone walking behind her in the shadows. She couldn’t tell who this person was, but he was fit and had broad shoulders. The mysterious figure walked underneath one of the streetlamps as he crossed the street. It was revealed that it was a boy wearing a black biker jacket, torn jean leggings along with a belt that had a chain, and a silver wolf emblem on the center. But that face when Veronica saw him…that gaunt facial structure with a powerful jawline.
His nose was small, but sharply pointed just like the tips of his hair strands that crept from his hairline. The hair itself was slicked back with each strand of hair perfectly drawing down from the back of his head to the neck. Eyes not that of a human, but an undomesticated animal who howls at a full moon. He wore no shirt underneath his jacket either, just a beaded necklace with white, green, and yellow colored beads. Veronica was alarmed and heavily breathing as she could not stop staring at the gorgeous mysterious boy.
Then the mysterious man noticed Veronica gazing at his impressive visage. He walks toward Veronica with a scowl on his face. At this point Veronica was a deer caught in the headlights, unable to move and observing this boy menacingly walking toward him. Before she could yell for help, the mysterious boy moved his lips and opened his mouth, speaking his first sentence…

End of Part I

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