It’s Been a While, Let’s Catch Up!

Hello fellow lounging reptilians, I have returned from an entire semester of classes and a long summer break. My mind feels refreshed yet obstacles always seem to magically appear when inconvenient. Just like leaving a piece of bread in the toaster and having the machine tell me to do my taxes and fill out a new 401(k) plan before I can get my toast. My dreams seemed to have a severe lack of imagination and became astonishingly mundane (at least I sleep well enough, I think).

Unsurprisingly it has been a tiring period for a lot of people due to the COVID-19 pandemic and just the fact that this is 2020. As I’m typing this I’m sure an ancient Neptunian temple had risen from the bottom of the ocean and summoned a 100-foot man-eating seahorse, tragic. Due to the COVID pandemic I was busier than usual at my job, thus leading to severe exhaustion. It was the combination of wrapping up classes, having to do twice the amount of work at my job, and not really having the correct mindset to deal with juggling so many writing projects. The work load was stressful, so around late July and early August I made some schedule adjustments just so I can have spare time to focus on my hobbies.

As well as just breathing and functioning like a normal human being. What this allowed me to do was prioritize writing whatever I felt like writing for a brief period of time. Then taking what I had written, edit the documents, and make sure I had something solid. Now the difference between what I had put up before versus what I plan on putting up now is mainly more posts that expand my interests. Despite hating the word I’m about to use, I am a gamer and I do enjoy the medium thoroughly as well as discussing it.

Beforehand I was worried about revealing this aspect of what I like to do simply because I didn’t want to alienate readers. This led me to an important point that I should have realized the moment I put out my first book — one cannot write something for everyone. No matter how much effort is put into something and how broadly appealing it may seem, there are always going to be people who just aren’t interested. This is bad news for my new slice-of-life book about Bigfoot, in which he works in a post office and uncovers a conspiracy that all the underpaid staff workers were woodland animals. Focusing on trying to cater to everyone was this unintentional priority that I had to eliminate.
Once I accepted what I was doing, I was able to move on and freely write an entry that I always wanted to talk about. However because it was ‘videogame’ related my brain went, “Ew, why are you writing about this icky Mountain Dew slime nonsense?” The blog-post will be up soon, but I wanted to look over it again and add any necessary finishing touches. Aside from that I got another ‘Bad Animal Poetry’ coming (this one took some DIGGING around to write) and some surprises. What I’m not guaranteeing is a specific time and date these will go up. The plan is to just stealth drop a few and have a casual flow of content going that will make the reader and myself satisfied.
I have also switched from using Facebook to Twitter due to being incredibly overwhelmed on using both simultaneously (also Facebook doesn’t seem to leave me alone about putting a post up every single day, leave me alone Zuckerberg). My Twitter profile is very bare-bones, but once I get this post up I’ll do my best to maintain it. So that’s pretty much everything, thank you for your support.

(Twitter profile is here.)

(I know this isn’t the most subtle plug, but if you haven’t checked out The Quietus Breaker: Brother Death then please give it a look and leave a review. Thanks!)