Deep or Delightful Discussions

Ideas and topics that I feel like discussing. This can range from movies, videogames, writing, and personal subjects.

The Positive Evolution of Horror in Cinema

Nothing epitomized past feelings of horror films more than having a scene properly build up to a terrifying moment, only to get a cheap jump scare. However in the last decade I really warmed up to the genre. I always felt that horror was something that benefited being told through novels and videogames. As a …

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Positivity in Writing

There is no shortage of ideas and inspiration that spring to life on every page. Every typed word is always followed by an idea. This idea usually evolves to become the main theme of the piece you are writing for. Perhaps its a way to bridge your points together. Wow does this sound like I’m …

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My Absurd Writing Set-Up

How people write, when they write, and how they write is up to them. Half of us are people who like to keep our desks the way they are. Covered in cobwebs and typewriters that are so rusty that they’ll fall apart in seconds. Yes, there may be problems with what I just said. But …

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