If you have taken a wrong turn near Phoenix, Arizona then maybe you found my home town. I have lived basically all my life in Surprise, AZ and watched it grow from being a vast deserted area to basically becoming a city — kind of. Since I was a mixed child, half Mexican and half white, I struggled for a bit to find a voice of my own. As I grew up and adjusted to this mildly frantic, yet more often mellow, environment I started realizing that my various hobbies had a wealth of creativity involved. I wanted to inject any sort of artistry I had into a number of projects that may seem mundane to some.

In high school for business class I created a robot out of Styrofoam and tinfoil. For film-making I made a stop motion short film with very little resources, such as PowerPoint slides and royalty free sound effects. For my first art course I made a portrait with a 3D arm sticking out, also made of Styrofoam because, well, my pockets were empty.  Were any of them composed with immense quality and precise planning? No, but I had a ton of fun making them and it at least perked up my classmates interest in what silly monstrosities I had presented. 

I take what I learn from those experiences and always strive for better. So believe it or not, those projects fueled my desire to write something. Initially it became screen writing and then evolved into making my first novel, The Quietus Breaker: Brother Death. The roadblocks were immense and the pressure to make a good story was inescapable. This is a natural occurrence for most writers, but for me it was my first time realizing how cumbersome the process can be.

However once I stopped writing and looked at what I had in front me, I was ecstatic! To have a finished manuscript was the best feeling I could ask for. It’s a feeling that I hope doesn’t just translate to me, but translated to those who just want to have an entertaining time. Even though I wanted to become an author, I also wanted to make other people happy. That is who I am and who I hope to continue being. 


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