My Absurd Writing Set-Up

How people write, when they write, and how they write is up to them. Half of us are people who like to keep our desks the way they are. Covered in cobwebs and typewriters that are so rusty that they’ll fall apart in seconds. Yes, there may be problems with what I just said. But man, it is fun to look at all those cobwebs and old typewriters just to think that Halloween is not that far away — kind of!

To be fair my set-up isn’t really that standard anyway. If anything my set-up may be incredibly annoying to those who prefer staying put in one spot for a long duration. What I basically do is move my laptop to the top shelf of my desk (since I’m 6’4) and write standing up. I do this mainly because I prefer to be spontaneous when I’m writing, staying in one area for too long drains my creative writing process. By just casually walking around I’m more energetic and can smoothly concentrate on my thought process.

I may not be the most athletic person, but I do prefer some sort of mobility when I have a task to complete. Sitting down to write quickly eases me into being too comfortable, plus my eye dilation becomes slightly disorienting at sitting height with my screen. When I’m standing up not only do I have a better focus, but my eyes do not become as strained since I can just look down my laptop. Of course I’d have to be careful since if I stand for too long that can cause back pain, leg cramps, and maybe the ability to levitate my laptop — but that’s only a 1% chance. Also that 1% does not count for the back pain and leg cramps, I can only dream so much.

Then there’s the beverage I always keep with me. Preferably I always have a tall glass of water with up to a small amount of ice cubes. During the morning it is black coffee time, maybe all the time pending on how big the work load can be. In very rare circumstances do I have energy drinks and soda. Not just because of health reasons, but because having that sugar rush doesn’t make my writing process work as smoothly as one would imagine.

If I feel bottled up then I can easily go elsewhere to do my writing. Either I go to a different part of of my living space that’s quiet, or maybe I go to the library to look at books and feel the wisdom seep in. That is until I hear a ringtone coming from someone’s phone, mainly hearing ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ but with dog barks. Comfort is such an important factor when writing. However going outside of your comfort zone can reap the best rewards.
I’m not saying go to a zoo and write as the monkeys howl at you because that’s what they do. They’re monkeys, not Antelope who have a respect for your own boundaries. Learn some manners you hooligans!

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