Future Update on The Quietus Breaker & More

This will not be a long post, but one that I’m sure will be interesting to readers nonetheless. Since the release of my first book I’ve been working on refining myself as not only an author, but as a self publisher. A lot of work has been put into the first book and I’m hoping that people have been enjoying it. It has been a dream to put the book out in the public along with the pleasure of seeing it come to life. However the real work has just begun and I plan on making sure the writing train doesn’t just keep going – it has to sky rocket into space (also I like the idea of trains in space).

First off, The Quietus Breaker was not just written in mind to cover one book. This is obviously a long story that requires several installments to reach a satisfying and bombastic conclusion. For this current arc I have written three books that tie the central plot threads together so that it’s self contained. Book two will be titled ‘Nature of Creative Mortalities‘. Then book three will be titled ‘Jade Angel‘.

Why bring this up now when the first book was just released? Personally, I feel that readers would want to read a beginning if they know that parts two and three are right around the corner. All three of these books were originally written in mind as an epic length novel that felt too long and exhaustive. Instead I separated this story into three books, but made sure that they weren’t awkwardly separated. There are no set dates planned for the release of these books, but I will make an announcement when I’m ready.

As for Lounging Lizard, my blog where one day I will actually talk about lounging lizards, expect to see me posting on a weekly basis. Whether it be about the book, funny looking lemurs, or a book about funny looking lemurs – I will deliver on the content! Also maybe I’ll sneak a few smaller posts about something cool I found underneath a bench I was sitting at, or the time I found a street lamp that looked like an ominous floating eye from a certain angle. Kidding of course, but I do have stories to tell and tangents to spout so keep an eye on this blog for future wackiness.

Lastly, those who have spread news about the first book have been truly helpful. I only ask that to those who have read the book to please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Keep telling people about the book, express your critiques (good or bad), and definitely recommend it to people who feel that this book may be up their alley. For contact information please message me on my facebook page and I will respond as quick as I can. Thank you once again for the support and stay tuned for more news regarding The Quietus Breaker.

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