Avengers Reassemble, It’s The Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review!

Lego Marvel Superheroes

You hit that point with all these Lego games that you’re basically just talking about the same game, over and over again. Not that it’s a terrible thing, I mean it should be considering that these games continue to lack a certain amount of innovation nor branch out into anything that different. But hey, as a series made mostly for children? Perfectly acceptable, and even more fun for parents who happen to be huge Marvel fans with this latest installment. Basically whether you’re a fan of the movies, comics, or the Lego property its a game that the entire family can enjoy!

So review over, get the hell out!

Oh I kid of course. There are some interesting elements to cover with this game, more than you would expect. Not a whole lot to make a 10,000 word review, but just enough.

Being that this is a Lego game, the plot’s going to be very silly. Basically the Silver Surfer has been sent by Galactus to find another planet for him to devour. Once Surfer arrives, he gets blown up and kidnapped by Doctor Doom. Nick Fury investigates and finds out that something has gone wrong, and sends out a wide roster of superheroes to fight Doctor Doom and his cohorts. Very simple premise, but injected with a lot of puns, silly banter, and charm.
If it didn’t have that, I would be questioning why would I be playing this and shout disingenuous things at my Lego playset. As I do regularly from time to time.

The gameplay is as you would expect from a Lego game, but for those who are unaware let me explain. When playing a Lego game you will be smashing a lot of shit, encounter tedious or confusingly difficult puzzles, and constantly would fight the other Lego people on your team for no reason. Like what happens when I go out on a Friday night, except a lot less fun and the limbs don’t re-attach.

The major draw for this game though will be the superheroes you get to play as, and there are a lot here. Ranging from the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the construction workers who clean up after the superheroes! While most of them do have similar abilities, their playstyles do actually differ from each other. Like the Hulk and The Thing aren’t just tanks, they both have different styles in terms of one’s a wrecking machine and the other is an aggressive brawler. They even have their signature moves from the movies, which is a neat touch. If you’re worried that these superheroes will just be limited to specific levels, don’t worry because this is also a sandbox game.

Funny thing is if you didn’t have a Wii U and wanted to play Lego City Undercover, just wait several more months and you’ll pretty much get the same experience here with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Yep, along with roaming around New York city, you can also jack cars and mess around with pedestrians. What I found delightfully surprising was that not only were there more secret levels to play, but most of these levels are narrated by Deadpool. In fact, Deadpool has a room on the helicarrier where you can input cheat codes and do other fun stuff. That’s this games ultimate strength, there’s a lot of stuff to do!
Races, sidequests, revisiting levels to collect more superkits, unlocking characters, the fun never stops! Unless you get pulled over by the Lego police, though it’s actually easy to break out of those plastic cuffs, so it’s probably not that big of a deal.

I can’t really criticize the dialogue or writing in general, because while the puns can get annoying there’s nothing really offensive about it. Aside from the million Schwarma and Clobberin’ Time references, there are some pretty funny gags here. Half of them involve the characters in the background, or pointing out the absurdity with villain lairs. This game also has some of the funniest Stan Lee cameos, and use of him I’ve probably ever seen in a Marvel game.
Overall, it’s charm will most likely get to ya rather than the aggravating puns. And if you’re a kid, you couldn’t tell the damn difference. Don’t argue with me!

If you’re debating about picking this game up for your kid or if you’re a huge Marvel fan and want to check this out, I got two answers for ya. First off, I would suggest waiting until the price drops and then buy it for your kid. Second, try renting the game first and see if it’s worth actually buying. Because while this game is fun, it is indeed made for a very young audience and older siblings/parents who are really into this universe. However if you do buy it, you may be left wanting more, but it won’t be a borefest at least.

You know what? I think I realized what my superpower is, to let people know when to buy Lego videogames! Oh man, here I come world!


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