My Summer Plan For The Site

Vacation Time

As you may have noticed this week, there hasn’t been an article published nor has there been any recent updates. That’s because of several things: 1) I’ve been busy helping friends out 2) I’ve been catching up on TV shows 3) I’ve been helping edit podcasts 4) Nothing of interest has come out recently 5) I’m preparing for E3 6) I’ve been attacked by ninja’s again.

All of this stuff adds up to a lot of lack of prearrangement for articles, and not enough time for gaming. So here’s what’s going to happen, usually I would abide by my own rules by releasing articles on a weekly basis (usually Monday’s). However since June is starting tomorrow and I need some Brut time, I’m gonna say ‘fuck that shit’ and do things my way! Okay without sounding too uproar-ish about it, basically for a good period of time I won’t be abiding by a weekly publishing release.

Instead, I’ll publish whatever articles I have…whenever I feel like it. Although chances are they’ll be put up during the day time (UTC).

As for reviews such as Dead Island: Riptide, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and others. For now on if you want to check out any possible reviews or first impressions of what I have to say, check out the Brutlounge Facebook page (which you can find a link for in the bottom right hand of the links section). Mostly because Dead Island Riptide and every other game released in May has been garnering either mixed or poor reactions, so why bother typing out a 1000 worded review for a game that’s forgotten by now? Everything else such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and especially the Last of Us will have reviews on the site.

And as you may have noticed, E3 isn’t too far away. Therefore expect to see some E3 shit on the site soon, except in probably small doses here and there.

Another thing that I feel I should bring up is that the main reason though why the sudden change is happening is because I have other personal stuff I want to work on. And in order for me to do that, it means giving up the timely publishing schedule for the site. Once again, while everything else I mentioned was a factor for this change, I mainly did it because I have something big that I’d like to work on during the summer.

So that’s it, be sure to check out site more often seeing as how you’ll never know what’s going to be put up on what day. And definitely make sure to check out the Brutlounge Facebook page for more of that Brut charm you’d come to expect. Anyway I’m gonna be chilling outside, and relaxing near this pool. Though judging from my scaly appearance, that may scare off some people.


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