‘Tomb Raider’ And ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Review Updates & More!

Tomb Infinite

Salutations and whatever, it’s Brutuxan here again with another update! Remember when I said that I was really “goddamn busy”, like so busy that I had to postpone the ‘Tomb Raider’ review because of how many games I had to check out? Well turns out, I already played all the essential ones for March, and as it turns out April only has about 2-3 semi-big releases. And to top it off, not only did I finish ‘Tomb Raider’, but I also just finished ‘Bioshock Infinite’. What this all means is that the stampede of reviews have been largely slowed down, and now I can focus on some of the bigger articles for the blog!

However before I discuss what articles I plan on writing up, the reviews for ‘Bioshock Infinite’ and ‘Tomb Raider’ should be put up either by Friday or sometime next week (preferably Monday and/or Wednesday. And it also might possibly be that the ‘Tomb Raider’ review could be in audio form, but I have to think about it. I’m not gonna say much about both games, with the exception that they’re both pretty impressive (but more on that later).

As for other articles, the conclusion to the ‘Console Retrospective’ series should be published pretty soon here. I also am planning on trying to get out the ‘March Roundup’ article as early as possible this time. And the ‘Mass Effect Final Impressions’ article/audio discussion should be up by this month as well. I got more plans coming up and some other ones that I wasn’t able to do, until now.

So keep an eye out on the site, tell your friends about Brutlounge, and if you have any comments and/or questions please send them to me through…probably the FB page…or whatever is convenient. I’m not entirely sure, I really need to sort that out, but anyway keep up that class folks!


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    dam dinosaurs never wash their backs

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