If I Had A Middle Name, It Would Be ‘Busy As S**t!’

Tomb Raider

I usually don’t do updates for the site, nor would I prefer to even consider doing them. However I have an important reason for that. Folks, also this may be a little blunt here, but I am goddamn busy at the moment! Now yes half of it does have to do with the avalanche of games out there and some that are still coming out, but it also have to do with a lot personal things going on in my life.

It’s nothing bad, to that angry writer who wants to see me buried in a ditch filled with piranhas and badgers, in fact it’s quite good. The problem though is that I am constantly keeping track of certain objectives and projects, but also with trying to finish games too.

Also if you’re wondering about when the Tomb Raider review is going to be released? Well don’t count on it being posted soon considering that there’s still a lot I need to look at with this game. But on the other hand I will be doing audio reviews on top of the written stuff, so you’ll also be able to hear this, eh, lovely voice right here.

To be fair I may be exaggerating this just a bit, but you know, better to be truthful than to simply not tell your audience. In actuality this is more good news for those who want to hear from this classy fellow with a heart of gold, or coal pending on your perspective of this blog. Anyway, keep an eye out on the February round-up coming this Friday or Monday, and eventually my reviews for God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgement, Walking Dead: Survival Instincts, and Bioshock Infinite. Talk about a mental party in your pants!


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