January Roundup! Abrupt Endings And Obvious Beginnings!

This was quite an eventful January, considering that we just got off the holiday season not too long ago and that I was expecting things to slow down until February started. As for why I decided to skip over December, well, there simply wasn’t enough news stories to really discuss. Also I was busy working on my ‘Best of the Year’ lists, so I didn’t have much time anyway. There were a couple of stories in January that quite didn’t make the cut (I am so sorry Surgeon Simulator), but there were 2 or 3 big ones that had a lot of meat to them. Juicy-succulent-informative meat.

So before I start to go all out on a hunger lust, let’s get into what made January special!

Pokemon X & Y‘-Is that Chipmunk Wearing A Green Cap?! –

It’s Pokemon again…in 3D! Yes, the latest Pokemon titles are making their debut on the 3DS! What’s new this time? Well we finally have 3D Pokemon models, obviously, and…yeah there’s not much else to say.

The three new Pokemon starters are Chespin ( a retarded chipmunk with a green cap, seriously, what is that?!), Froakie (It’s a frog!), and Fennekin (Firefox is gonna sue someone). The two legendary Pokemon here are Yveltal (the giant horrifying Pteradon shaped like a ‘Y’) and Xerneas (the big pretty deer shaped like an ‘X’). And for the first time, the game will be released simultaneously worldwide on October 2013. Despite being named after sex chromosomes, I think it’s safe to say that we all have one burning question after reading those names, what are they going to name the third one?!

It’s Over Johnny, THQ Is Over! –


There’s no denying that THQ has had a troubled history when it came to financial success, I mean, in terms of this recent generation. Hence why despite the fact that some of us saw this coming, the impact was still felt. However if there’s anything good to take away from this, at least a majority of the workers and the properties they were attached to are still gonna see the light of day.

So here’s what got picked up: Homefront will be headed up by Crytek, Metro by Koch Media, South Park will be purchased by Ubisoft, Relic by Sega, THQ Montreal by Ubisoft, Evolve by Take Two, and Volition by Koch Media. Before you ask, yes, the core of Vigil did get picked up by Crytek. Some of these choices are debatable when it comes to whether or not they’re in good hands, but I think it’s safe to say that a couple of them (such as Crytek and Homefront) are in good hands and will be taken care of. Although the lack of uDraw being seen in these reports is gravely disappointing.

Nintendo Busts Some Caps And Defies Logic With Their Latest Conference –

Wind Waker HD

Who would have thought Nintendo would have one of the biggest stories of the month? Well, unless you’re a fanboy, in which case get the hell out! No, I shouldn’t have said that, what I should have said is that Nintendo surprisingly nailed it with this conference!

Not only saying that a new Mario Kart, 3D Mario title, and Super Smash Bros. was on the way, but also having Aonuma discuss details about the upcoming Zelda game along with the announcement of Wind Waker HD. We also have the announcement of a new Yoshi game from the makers of Kirby Epic Yarn, and some more gameplay trailers from the Wonderful 101 and Xenoblade Chronicles (which looked great). What makes this even more exciting is just what they’re gonna show off at E3, already confirming that the new Super Smash Bros. will be revealed there.

Now if they really want to blow minds away, Kirby and Metroid crossover! Give it time to let it sink in, trust me.

Microsoft ‘Durango’ Specs Are Revealed And Rumored To Be Making ‘New Console’ Announcement Before E3, Who Would Have Thought?! –

Xbox 360

It’s rumor time, with Microsoft! And boy do they have a few interesting things swirling around the internet, and you know it’s legit if it’s been tossed around the internet like a torn-up ragdoll! So let’s begin with the possible hardware reveal for the Durango!

According to vgleaks.com, it seems like Microsofts successor to to the 360 may be getting a pretty hefty upgrade. In what ways will it be improved? Well not only will it include 8 GB’s of DDR3 Ram, but it will include a Blu-Ray disc drive and next-gen Kinect support. If you want more details, you can go visit this link right here, but as for me I have no damn clue what most of this stuff means (because I’m ignorant). However what I do know, and if this is true, then Sony is probably going to be having some pretty stiff competition in the home entertainment department (even though Microsoft has been doing fairly well in that department already).

One other thing Microsoft has been brewing up are these goddamn shiny lights! Another name for this is also the IllumiRoom, a concept that was shown off by Microsoft at CES. Basically the IllumiRoom involves the players room and being able to interact more with the game. This sounds like something straight out of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation‘, but sadly I doubt it will be as cool. I don’t have any problem with experimenting different ways to integrate new experiences into games, however this just seems a little gimmick-y to me.

Lastly, there is a rumor floating around that Microsoft (along with Sony) may be announcing their consoles a little early. Right before E3 to be exact, though it is possible they are announcing their consoles first so that they can centralize their software upfront at E3…according to Brutuxan. In all seriousness though, it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing. Besides, it’s not like any one of the two companies have given out any important events that seem to coincide with given story! Oh wait.

Sony ‘Orbis’ Specs Are Revealed And Rumored To Be Making ‘New Console’ Announcement on Feburary 20th, Who Would Have Thought?! –

Sony PS3

Well look what we have here! Sony also has had their specs unintentionally revealed as well, what were the odds? According to a report by Kotaku, the latest piece of hardware by Sony will feature a Blu-Ray drive (no duh), an 160 GB hard drive, and more specs that obviously indicate that Sony is going all out on this (except for the whole ‘removing the processor detail and replacing it with an AMD chip’ part). Another interesting note is that the controller may be using a touch pad, similar to the one for the PS Vita. Of course things may change for the retail release.

Also on the 31st Sony released this particular trailer.

Let’s see here, first we get the supposed rumor that Microsoft and Sony will not be showing off their new consoles at E3. Second, we also get a 90 page documentation about a console, codenamed Orbis, getting leaked online. And now we have this trailer that indicates that Sony will be presenting something on February 20th?! Gee, I wonder what that could be!

Meeting With Biden, Funding Plea By Obama, And NRA: Practice Range Is A Thing –

Obama And Biden Practice Range

I already discussed this to some extent in my Videogames & Violence article, however I decided to shorten it up here since this is some pretty essential news.

Few weeks ago the ESA and Joe Biden met up to discuss the supposed connection between gun violence and videogames. One of the major figures involved, Michael Gallagher CEO of EA, presented several scientific studies in which showcased that there seemed to be no link between videogames and violence *cough* no shit *cough*. Surprisingly the discussion ended well, with Biden coming in open-minded and the ESA doing their best to present facts and studies that eliminate any idea of violence being connected to videogames.

Although to be even more safe, Obama recently decided to fund a $10 million study on the cause of gun violence. Mostly involving videogames, and whether or not there is something that can be compared here to gun violence. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be heading up this study, which was confirmed by a senior administrative official.

On the flip and more hilarious side, Apple recently released a free game/app called NRA: Practice Range. Usually with games like these they are often ignored and brushed aside, but due to the timing of a certain spokesman for the NRA saying some pretty outlandish things about the medium, I find it humorously ironic that it was released shortly after.

Dead Island Riptide Sure Does Have A Way With The Ladies! –

Dead Island Riptide Collectors Edition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So what would be the perfect gift to give to your girlfriend who I’m positively sure is a fan of videogames and zombies? Well how about the bloody torso of a chick in a bikini with a decapitated head and cut-off arms! Yep, if you planned on purchasing the collectors edition of Dead Island Riptide, you too can have this lovely statue sitting in your bedroom or living room! I’m sure your pals and family members would make note of your excellent taste in imagery!

Seriously though, who thinks that a beheaded and dismembered torso of a woman in a bikini would be something that consumers would want to be seen in their homes? Aside from some of the people I heard on Xbox Live, who?!

Well that does it for the January news roundup, if you have any questions or comments please post them below. Spread the word about Brutlounge, and thanks for reading!


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