November Roundup! Wii U Please Fetch Me My Papers?

November is usually the month where most of everyone’s anticipated title comes out, and it’s also the month where Activision makes the most money! Yay!

Because fuck 2-year dev cycles!”

However a lot happened this November, oh and there’s also this trailer for something called ‘GTA V‘? It’s from this pretty obscure developer named ‘Rockstar’, you probably never heard of them (+10 hipster points). They even made this one game called ‘Red…red-Dead Redressing’? But trust me there is pretty big news from this month. So let’s ‘gobble gobble’ up as much news as we can!

Disney Buy’s Lucasfilm’s, And Secures Your Childhood! Hopefully!

Probably the biggest news this month, and maybe for this year is Lucas finally giving in to the Mouse himself. Okay it’s not as sinister or as dirty as that may sound, but it is pretty big news! Also I’m not going to be talking about Episode 7, this is a videogame blog, serious shit happens (like ‘Force Unleashed 2‘). I think the bigger question is what will happen with LucasArts? Will ‘Grim Fandago‘ be making a comeback?

There is a lot of potential here to bring back some of those old franchises, but one thing I’m curious about is who else is going to help develop these games? And is Disney Interactive going to be heavily involved with these titles? Hell if I know, but I think it’s best to say that there is very little that can go wrong here.

GTA 5‘ Thumbs Up! Wow, That Sounded Terrible

There’s a lot of shenanigans going on in this trailer for ‘GTA V‘. And not only that but it reveals the game’s main three protagonists, and tidbits of the game’s story. While personally I may not be the most excited for ‘GTA V‘, you do have to admit it’s a well made trailer. Check it out!

Conflict Behind ‘Medal of Honor

People love authenticity, so much so that they have to put confidential facts into a pretty, from what I heard, abysmal videogame. Because that’s what we need! Actual Navy SEALs to write our own damn game because screw hiring ‘legit’ writers! I mean it’s not like our publisher is EA…oh.

According to CBS News, 7 Navy SEALs (who were part of the raid on Osama Bin Laden) got a pretty stern lecture due to revealing secretive facts in the latest military FPS ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter‘. 4 of them who moved to different parts of the military are currently under investigation. The SEALS will also receive ‘letters of reprimand’ which reduces their pay for two months and decreases the possibility of further promotion. I honestly think the people to blame here are EA themselves, I mean it’s not the hardest thing in the world to just hire good writers! And what’s worse is that the game’s been receiving pretty bad reviews scores, so basically all those facts were wasted on a forgettable videogame!

Now if only we can get actual hit-men to write ‘Hitman‘! What can go wrong there?

Silicon Knights Removes Copies Of Games That Use Unreal Engine, Including The Taint of ‘Too Human

The message of this story folks is to not fuck with Epic Games. Recently Silicon Knights was ordered to destroy all copies of their games that use the Unreal Engine. Why is that? Well Silicon Knights thought it was a good idea to land a lawsuit on Epic Games for their supposedly terrible job on detailing the Unreal Engine for ‘Too Human‘. Epic Games won and now Silicon Knights are forced to either cease or destroy production on all copies of ‘Too Human‘ and ‘X-Men Destiny‘. And thus humanity was saved again, thank you court room procedures!

New ‘Mass Effect‘ Game In The Works! Blasto Not Included

Despite what happened with the backlash for the ending of ‘Mass Effect 3‘, Bioware decided to go ahead and announce that there will be another installment. And as I already mentioned in my previous blog, it will be using the ‘Frostbite 2’ engine which should make the game make look very pretty. It will also be developed at Montreal this time, which makes me assume that the Edmonton studios are working on something else. So far this news pleases me, and I already mentioned all I had to say on my ‘Mass Effect‘ wishlist article. Not much else to say…other than MAKE A GOOD ENDING THIS TIME!

Unlicensed Tattoo Leads To Angry Tattoo Artist And Stupid Bullshit

Because tattoos are serious business, an artist in Arizona who goes by the name ‘Chris Escobedo’ (huh) has sued THQ for an unlicensed use of a tattoo! Chris Escobedo claimed that the lion-shaped tattoo that was used by Carlos Condit was his own creation and  THQ did not authorize use of his tattoo. Also according to his lawyer it seems like tattoo artists have full rights to their work, unless a written contract says otherwise. Of course Escobedo didn’t take into account…digital tattoos!

Why Are There Geth In South Africa? ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘ Misprint!

If you owned a physical copy of the PC edition of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘ you may have realized that not only is the future black, but it’s also full of giant levitating jellyfish and hot blue aliens. As it turns out the second install disk for ‘Black Ops 2‘ was actually just ‘Mass Effect 2‘, this was originally discovered by a fan on Youtube. While there were constant complaints on Activision’s part, Bioware took advantage of the situation by giving out free copies of the PC edition of the ‘Mass Effect Trilogy‘ to those who showed photographic proof of their purchase. Overall Activision wasn’t saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.

DLC Abound!

If you own ‘Mass Effect 3‘ and/or ‘Skyrim‘, be on the lookout for both these DLC’s. The fist one is the ‘Omega’ DLC for ‘Mass Effect 3‘ which costs $15 and features Aria T’loak and a new female Turian companion, sorry Volus fans! The next one is ‘Dragonborn’ for ‘Skyrim‘, which is priced at $15 as well and features all sorts of new enemies and weapons. Including dragon mounts, oh I’m sorry did I just blow your mind away?! The ‘Omega’ DLC is already released, while the ‘Dragonborn’ DLC will be released on December 5th (though no word about it coming to PS3).

Wii U Launch!

In case you’ve been living under a rock (which is probably owned by Sony or Microsoft, since I’m going to outright accuse you of being a fanboy), the Wii U just got released this month. While I can’t personally say what the system feels like or how the hardware performs, but so far there seems to be potential here from what I heard. The games seem to range from bad to decent, however probably the best game on there is ‘Super Mario Bros. Wii U‘ (which still isn’t saying much). Good news though is that ‘Pikmin 3‘, ‘Rayman Legends‘, and ‘Bayonetta 2‘ are on their way. Bad news is that they aren’t coming out for quite a while, but it’s okay since we have ‘Wipeout‘!

Oh wait, wrong ‘Wipeout‘ – continue moaning.

Well that’s it for November folks! If you have any crazy videogame related stories you want me to read and share next time, post em’ here and thanks for reading!


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