Expectations And Disasters, But Mostly Disasters

Hello and welcome to the ‘Brutlounge’! While there may not be any wine or an endless buffet table of expensive-as-hell food here, the one thing I do hope to offer though is a wide array of opinions and knowledge when it comes to videogames! Of course why do that when you can just click on ‘Youtube’ to see thousands of reviews on ‘Assassins Creed 3’?

 Connor has no time for yo’ foolishness!

I guess what I can say that really defines my approach to this medium is that I try my best to entertain the audience, while at the same time attempting to integrate just as much information as possible with the given subject. To shorten this up, I want my readers to become entertained and if possible to learn something. Because I’m a talking dinosaur avatar first, and a writer second (it’s a lie, he’s a hardworking single mother ‘first’).

So what should you expect to see within the next week or so (aside from a crummy layout)? Well you’re going to have to see for yourself, because I’m stingy like that.


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